Publications, Presentations & Videos

Roger Aines Presentation to MIT Club of Northern California-Energy and Environment Series: Negative Emissions: What Are They and Will they be Enough? (10/2021)

Roger Aines interviewed by Cimpatico Television - Carbon Neutrality: Options for Negative Carbon Emissions (11/2020)

Dr. Roger Aines talks about Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s report: “Getting to Neutral: Options for Negative Carbon Emissions in California”. He shares different carbon removal strategies outlined in the report and discusses how California is leading the charge toward negative emissions.

Roger Aines interviewed by United States Energy Association (USEA) Advanced Energy Technology Forum 2020 (09/2020)

Rogers Aines, Energy Program Chief Scientist in the E Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, presents at USEA's 2nd Annual Advanced Energy Technology Forum.

Roger Aines is the Energy Program Chief Scientist in E Program, which conducts government and private sector research in clean energy technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Carleton College, and Doctor of Philosophy in geochemistry from the California Institute of Technology. Roger leads the Carbon Initiative at LLNL, which aims to understand, develop, and implement technologies for the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so-called negative emissions technologies.