George Peridas Biography

George Peridas

George Peridas

Energy Program Director, Carbon Management Partnerships

Global Security Principal Directorate

Contact 925-422-3763

peridas1 [at] (peridas1[at]llnl[dot]gov)



Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Oxford (2002)

M.Sc., Environmental Technology, Imperial College, London (2003)

M.Eng., Engineering Science, University of Oxford (1999)

LLNL: Director, Carbon Management Partnerships (2019-present)

Previous Positions: Senior Scientist, NRDC (2006-2019); Senior Consultant, Pöyry (2003-2006); Research Assistant, University of Oxford (1999-2002)

Career Summary: Carbon removal, capture and geologic storage, climate and energy policy, energy and carbon markets.



Responsible for promoting partnerships that result in the advancement and deployment of carbon management solutions and technologies, including the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, or so-called negative emissions. Partnerships that can live up to today’s climate challenge have to bridge developer, stakeholder, government and global interests. George’s recent experience of over a decade in the environmental NGO world has made him well versed in the fields of policy, legislation and regulation relevant to climate change, carbon management and energy, and keenly aware of the spectrum of views that need to be reconciled in order to reach meaningful consensus in this field.

George’s background in energy markets consulting and scientific research in an academic environment enable him to translate complex information into lay language in order to advance multiple goals. He is known for convening and managing broad coalitions that span diverse interest and forging common ground.